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Brand & Business Crushes | Basic Invite

One thing we want to do more of this year is share brands and businesses with you all that may be helpful in the wedding planning process. We are all about supporting our couples throughout their engagement as opposed to just showing up on the day of their wedding and that’s it. So, in an effort to share more about great brands, companies, and small businesses in the industry, we’re excited to share a bit about Basic Invite today! 

Basic Invite is a company who offers beautiful save-the-date cards, bridal shower invitations, and elegant wedding invitations. They’re a one-stop-shop for your invitation needs (+other items like menus and programs) and I love that! They offer a wide array of color options allowing you to customize almost any color on the invitation you’d like. Not to mention they have tons of color options for envelopes, too. So you’re not limited to the colors seen in the photos on their site – the sky is the limit!

A HUGE feature they offer is custom samples. This is awesome. Sometimes ordering things online can be tricky because you can’t feel the paper and see what the coloring actually looks like. They offer this so that you can truly get a feel for what your invitation will be like before you order enough for all your guests. This means you can design an invitation, order a sample, and then decide if you like it or what you’d like to change before placing your full order. Genius! 

The variety they offer is quite large. At over 200 wedding invitation sets, you’re bound to find something you love that you can tweak with color changes along the way to personalize them to fit your overall wedding style. AND, they have a service that allows you to send a link to your guests to collect their addresses. When we got married, we tried to collect addresses just by asking our parents, messaging friends and family, or going off a return address on an envelope they sent to us in the past. We had quite a few that didn’t arrive to the correct address, which was such a pain. This way, you send the link and they collect the addresses for you. At that point, they’ll address your envelopes for FREE! Meaning you don’t have to hand write every single one. So, so great when you have a million and one things to be doing for the wedding. 

Hopefully this is just one little thing that will help you in the wedding planning process. I’d highly recommend checking out Basic Invite to see what you can find that perfectly fits your wedding style – after all, the save-the-date and invitation are guests’ first glimpse of what your day will be like, so be sure to show it off well! 

*images courtesy of Basic Invite 


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